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Results Media provides clients with complete media management versus merely placing media. Everything starts with a customized media strategy that is consistent with the client’s business goals, overall positioning and creative approach for maximum RESULTS. Armed with years of experience and the insider buying knowledge from the other side of the fence.  Our diverse wisdom in the industry and across so many markets creates the buzz and response our clients desire to increase sales.  We are tenacious negotiators, working exhaustively for the lowest rates possible and creating positive relationships with the media for PR opportunities and added value you won’t find anywhere else. Utilizing sophisticated software and a wide range of media research sources, we are able to develop better targeted, more effective media plans.

Results media buyers are continuously searching for exciting promotional events and sponsorship opportunities. In some cases, our buyers work with the media to design an event for a client that is specifically tailored to meet their unique business goals. Since many of these opportunities are offered at little or no cost, they serve to further stretch the overall impact of a campaign.

Finally, through aggressive auditing and post-buy analysis, we work to ensure the maximum efficiency of each media buy — providing exhaustive follow-through well after the advertising has run.

Our objective in all this is to deliver media plans that are on target making each ad dollar  feel like it’s worth much more.


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extend their brand through media management, advertising, branding, positioning, television advertising, radio advertising, print advertising, media buying, promotional events, sponsorships, promotions, public relations, print media design, web site development, social media and much more. We gain exposure for our clients in all parts of Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and Georgia.