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Client Testimonials

The Best Marketing/PR Firm in Town

Results Media is the best marketing/PR firm in town, there is no question about it. I have tried several other firms, prior to settling down with Results Media. To me, the reason that Results Media is unique and the best is that it has a strong and wide range relationship, with the media industry in middle Tennessee. When we have a breakthrough sight restoration medical technology story (such as 3D LASIK, 3D Forever Young Lens surgery, or 3D laser cataract surgery), or a story of one of our foundation’s patients who had come out of darkness, into light (such as Maria, a 15-yo blind orphan from Moldova), Results Media has been able to help us, successfully connecting the stories, to the right people in the media. Results Media has achieved, by far, the highest success rate, in helping our PR work, higher than any other company. I therefore highly recommend Results Media, to all enterprising and successful entrepreneurs, it is, simply, the best company in town!

Dr. Ming Wang, Harvard & MIT (MD, magna cum laude); PhD (laser physics)
Wang Vision 3D Cataract & LASIK Center

Optimal Placement at the Best Affordable Rates

Trickett Honda has been extremely pleased to have worked with Results Media for the last 8 years. Our relationship is a collaborative effort that capitalizes on our respective strengths and areas of expertise. I can always count on Results Media to place our media buys in the optimal placement at the best affordable rates. I would highly recommend Darrell Denson and his staff to a company that wants to maximize their advertising budget.

Reed Trickett
Trickett Honda

Industry Leader in Advertising in Nashville

Results Media is the industry leader in advertising in Nashville for several reasons. They have great relationships with all the media outlets in Middle Tennessee and without question, Results passes the benefit of those long-term relationships onto their clients. They get the best rates, they put you in front of your target market and they really make sure on the back end you received what you paid for and so much more. We are a large advertiser just in what we spend, but we get so much more in added value that it makes us that much larger in the market.

Blair Durham
Law Office of Bart Durham

Helped Our Sales Increase

Darrell Denson has been advising us on our advertising media placement for several years. He and his team have been great to work with and they’ve helped our sales increase. We especially appreciate their great desire to see our company succeed. Darrell is always anxious to hear our sales results and is eager to find ways for us to reach a larger audience. We’ve been pleased with the Results Media team and highly recommend them.

Katherine Johnson Cannata, Dealer Principal
Wyatt Johnson Automotive Group

More Time to Focus on the Other Aspects of My Business

Being such a hands-on owner of Mattress King I was very reluctant to hand over buying electronic advertising to anyone. Knowing Darrell from his days at the NBC affiliate he asked if I would give him the opportunity with his new company Results Media. I gave him his one opportunity and have never looked back. Mattress King has been extremely satisfied with the results. In addition to the great service we receive, I now have more time to focus on the other aspects of my business.

Jerry Appleby, Owner/President
Mattress King

We Recommend Results Without Reservation

We began an association with Mr. Denson on the recommendation of Dr. Ming Wang. Dr. Wang has been a friend for more than twenty years and did a larger volume of professional advertising than I did. He was enthusiastic that Darrell would be a good fit for our office. That was six years ago. Darrell gives us a prompt and full accounting of our expenditures each month. He is accessible to answer any questions. He has relations with many media including one prominent station where he was a former executive. He uses his experience and knowledge to not only get us preferred buys but gets extras that I believe only someone with his background can command.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I and my staff have been pleased with Darrell’s representation. We recommend him without reservation.

Bart Durham
Law Office of Bart Durham

The Best Retail Results in Our History

We began using Results Media in 2013. We are experiencing the best retail results in our history.

John Nickerson

An All-Time Record Year

In 2013 Bates Ford has had an all-time record year! I want to thank you and your camera crew for this year, and the results have been Outstanding for Bates Ford! The hardest thing I had ever done as an owner, is to be on TV. When the camera came on I froze !! I have worked with other people in the past and did not like what I have seen on TV, it just seemed very awkward. Darrell, [and team] have made me feel very comfortable and have given me excellent support and service since I have been with Results Media. I would highly recommend you and your team to anyone looking to expand and increase their market and sales. Thank you again for your excellent service and support. Also we at Bates Ford are looking forward to breaking more records for 2014 with your help.

Tony Bates
Bates Ford

This is the Company for You

I would highly recommend Results Media for all your advertising needs. I have worked with Darrell [and team] for several years now and they get the job done. They are awesome if you need creative commercial ideas or need to have a commercial produced. Darrell and Mickey have more experience than anyone I’ve ever met in the advertising business. If you need expert advertising placement, creative commercial production, or experienced marketing advice, this is the company for you.

Roger Dunn
American Heating & Cooling